Merrill Construction


The work was exceptional and Stuart is so kind and GREAT to work with.
— Ellen Dameron - Angels Foster Care of SB - Santa Barbara, CA

In the summer of 1995 I hired Stuart Merrill to design and build an archway that separated two main rooms in my house. The project came out great so I rehired him the following year to perform a major remodel on our home here on the Mesa.

On several occasions he met with the Architect to go over the plans and share his input. Once the final set of plans and permits were in, Stuart and his crew immediately began construction. They arrived every morning on time and throughout the entire project which lasted about 9 weeks. Each and every afternoon the jobsite was neatly swept and organized both indoors and out. Stuart also did an excellent job or lining up nearly a dozen subcontractors which performed their duties as planned. He made sure that every sub from the cement contractors all the way down to the title setter and painter, arrived on time and performed their duties as planned. Both my wife and I were extremely impressed with how smooth the whole job went. Each separate stage took no more time than Stuart had represented, and most important , the job was finished within our budget.

I highly recommend Merrill Construction for any type of repair or remodel. His organizational skills and constructional knowledge really made things run smooth during my entire remodel. Please feel free to call me personally for a reference.
— Brian Wolf - Santa Barbara, CA

I volunteered to write this letter for Stu because I have been very favorably impressed with his work.

He has built a closet addition with which I am very well satisfied and just finished repairing damage to a wall in my rental unit.

He gets to the job quickly and is willing to put in extra hours, working before or after a full-time job, in order to accommodate a small project.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Stewart and intent to call him for any large or small jobs I have in the future.
— Lisa Huddleson